Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Vintage Vibes


Hey there fashion lovers! I'm back with a new look, although sticking with the vintage theme. So polo necks/roll necks/turtle necks or whatever you like to call them are a big thing this AW. It's also a trend that I'm sure 90% of you already own! I didn't have to buy any this year as I had at least 4 from the past few seasons. 

I feel fashion has become much more wearable this year. Actually the past few years. Flats are back, boyfriend jeans are a staple and now polo necks are 'in' for Winter. How easy could it be! I personally love polo necks. Although I'm also aware that not everyone (especially you lucky girls with big boobs) will think they flatter their shape. Luckily there are so many different variations out there that I'm sure one will be the perfect match. I've noticed Zara and Asos have a wide selection of really wide necked jumpers and tops, so check them out if you're not a massive fan of tight ones.

I combined this particular polo neck with 2 looks (with culottes next week!). It's so versatile, I could wear it with anything! It was so warm and cosy, I didn't want to take it off!

The A line skirt is another winner of the season. It flatters almost every figure, and creates such a feminine silhouette. This is also from Asos, but I've seen lots in Topshop and Zara too.

The furry bag and pointy Chelsea boots finish the look. I know not everyone loves a furry bag...but I just love it! It was just £14 from Primark and even comes with it's own dust bag - check you out Primarni! 

The boots are a must have for AW14. Flat, pointy and flattering. Spot on.

I started my new job last week which is why i've been so rubbish updating instagram, but back on it from today! Ohhh I'm also getting my hair chopped of this week! What dya think!? 

See you next week,

Lauren XO

Polo Neck: Asos // Skirt: Asos // Boots: M&S // Bag: Primark (similar here)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Vintage Blouse

Hello! I'm back today with another ebay find. I found this vintage 80s blouse one night whilst watching Downton Abbey...I was distracted and started to think I needed a new shirt. However, since I have limited funds, I thought I would just have a mooch on ebay. Literally 5 minutes after searching for "vintage blouse" I found this babe! It was described as an "excellent condition vintage find" and was only £2.99. It really was as described and fit perfectly! I knew I wanted to pair it with my 70s style floppy hat, and go for a vintage feel kind of look.

Sixtes and seventies influences were all over the AW14 catwalks. Oversized hats, kick flare jeans and wall paper print dresses have now made it onto the high street. I love it all! 

I am a massive vintage fan. I suppose I'm not into all pieces being vintage, I like to bring things up to date. But I love a good rummage through vintage shops and as you can see, a good browse on ebay.

So this look was seventies inspired. I love the silhouettes; flowing fabrics, flattering high waist trousers (think 1970s Charlie's Angels). However, I just can't find a nice pair of kick flare trousers! I have tried asos and Topshop, but so far they are all a bit 'boot leg' rather than actual flares. If you have any recommendations please let me know! So for now, I just used my good old staple, Topshop skinnies.

The hat is from H&M and I have to admit here and now; I have a total hat obsession. Ever since I was little, I couldn't resist trying all sorts of hats on, wherever I could get my hands on them! So thank god it's now Autumn and the hats are out in force! I have already bought 3 or 4, but I have to say this is the most versatile of the lot. It's incredibly comfy and surprisingly warm, so perf for the colder days. Stay tuned for more hats over the coming weeks!

Hope you've all had a nice week guys, see you next Wednesday,

Lauren XO

Blouse: ebay, search "vintage vlouse" (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop // Hat: H&M Bag: H&M // Shoes: New Look

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


New Month, New Season, New Me!

Hello! I am back! For all my regular followers, you will notice I've not updated the blog/social media sites for nearly a month. The reason for this, is the fashion course that I initially made the blog for is no longer running due to insufficient student numbers. This lead me to really question what I was doing with my life! Sounds dramatic I know, but I had it all planned out! Anyway, I have a new job at Next Retail and I will be surrounded by clothes all day. My passion is style and fashion, so I will not give up. SO to sum things up, I've decided to keep going with Fashion Panic as a hobby. I really enjoy it and I've had so many nice comments off people. I will post a new look up every Wednesday and update my instagram, facebook and twitter daily (links at the side of this page). Thanks for reading guys, I appreciate all of your support!

Now on to the look!

I've decided I will try and be a bit braver with my style choices from now on! Ok, now a neon fur scarf may not be that outrageous but it's a start...This babe is from Asos. It was love at first sight, although I had no idea what it would actually go with! I just ordered, and hoped for the best. Turns out I needn't have worried. It goes with everything! It just adds so much fun to every coat I own! I eventually decided on my Mango boyfriend coat for this post, but trust me, add it over a khaki mac, a tailored camel coat or even just over a shirt! Faux fur was also a massive look at the recent fashion weeks, and I can't wait to add more to my collection!

The rest of the look I tried to keep pretty simple. My back ripped jeans are a must have for this AW and are great for transitional looks. I've had the biker boots for a few years now, but they never seem to go out of fashion! They are incredibly comfy and also jazz up a very plain outfit. I like to team them with little dresses too to give them an edgier look.

Oversized clutches are also everywhere at the moment. Luckily I stole borrowed this beauty from my mum. Hopefully she won't notice as I've got it in mind for a few of my upcoming looks :)

SORRY for that absolute essay, I just wanted to explain my absence. Expect lots more from Fashion Panic, I feel excited about doing it just for fun now, no pressure, just fashion baby! 

See you soon,

Lauren XO

(apologies for quality of pics...I'm working on it)

Scarf: Asos // Boots: River Island (similar here) // Jeans: DIY Primark (similar here)  Coat: Mango (similar here) // Clutch: M&S (similar here)

My Favourite AW14 Trends

A round up of all my favourite trends for the upcoming months, so many different styles and looks to choose from so I hope there are some things in there that you love too!

Faux Fur

Fur will always be an A/W fave, but this year fur has gone funky! Imagine all the colours of the rainbow, sometimes all on one look! It's all about fur with fur, the brighter the better!


Yup, culottes are still big this season. They are the prefect transitional trouser, they look amazing with ankle boots or pointy flat loafers. So team them up with a roll neck and a scarf and keep those ankles out!

Hats, hats, hats!

Hats are my absolute fave! They are the second best saviour of a bad hair day (first obviously being dry shampoo!). I cannot get enough of them, fedoras, trilbys or even massive floppy 70s inspired hats, millinery has never been so varied and accessible! 


One of my favourite prints is back. It was all over the catwalks for AW14 and it is now in every shop on the highstreet! If you don't fancy the whole look, go for the accessories. There are beautiful bags and scarves in Primark and Topshop at the moment, check them out.


Khaki/olive green is the colour of the season. It happens to be an absolute favourite of mine anyway, but this time it's not only for dress down, day time looks. The AW shows showcased the most beautiful satin and silk evening dresses. I am on a major hunt for a similar one for Christmas (yes I uttered the 'C' word)!

So there they are, my favourite AW14 trends. There are of course many more, but I would be here all day if I listed them all! I hope it's given you some inspo! 

Thanks for stopping by,
Lauren XO

Monday, 1 September 2014

Holiday Lookbook

Hello! Or Merhaba as they say in Turkey! As those of you who follow me on Instagram will know, I have been away for 3 weeks. I was planning to post at least one look a week whilst I was away, but as usual in Turkey, the wifi was horrendous!

So here is a slightly thrown together post of a few of my looks. I always find it really hard to dress in hot weather. When I say hot, the average daily temperature was a scorching 38c, with the night time around 28c. This made it almost impossible to look as though you had done anything with your hair...

The above pictures are my favourite night time looks from the holiday. I would be here all week if I tried to put all my looks on! (although more pics and links are on Instagram if you're interested)

I wasn't too sure about taking my wide leg trousers with me, I thought they may look way too warm and inappropriate...but I really love them with an off the shoulder top, so threw them in. I actually think they worked quite well! They weren't too warm, and really set off the boohoo top (my absolute fave!). 

The floral maxi dress was a last minute addition from the Zara sale, only £9.99! It was perfect for one of the warmest evenings there (36c!). It was light and floaty and the material felt amazing. It's definitely a staple in my summer wardrobe. 

I actually used to live in Turkey. In fact, the last picture is the view from my in-laws house. It's one of my favourite places on Earth! We go every year, at least once, so I always try and grab some bargains in the Winter sales. The skirt, cami and necklace in the 5th picture, cost a grand total of £11 from H&M! 

Many apologies for this last minute post, I didn't want to neglect my blog any longer! I will be back next week with my usual 'one look' post. 

Hope you've all had an amazing summer!

Lauren XO

Floral Maxi: Zara (similar here) // Off the shoulder top: Boohoo (similar here and here) // Wide leg trousers: Asos // Skirt: H&M // Gold Bag: H&M (similar here and here)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Vintage Stripes

I'm back! After nearly 3 weeks of having no wifi (first world problems eh!), we have finally been connected to our new provider! It's been an absolute nightmare, but the internet does seem to be faster...fingers crossed!

Onto the look. Well, as those who follow me on instagram will know, I had a bit of an ebay splurge about a month ago. I'm a soon to be 'new student' and having minimum spare cash, meant I had to be creative with how I create the looks I want. This vintage 1970's shirt was just £2.95! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, and although my mum thought I would look like a cast member from 'Joseph and his technicolour dream coat' I knew that it just needed a bit of merchandising up! It's a bit like the on trend kimonos that are out there, and it could easily be worn over a bikini. However I thought Id style it with simple black skinnies and some Primark shoe-boots. I'm into the whole boho chic right now, and I love being individual with my style. I'm definitely an ebay addict right now, and to get those one off pieces that you know you won't see anyone else in, I'd definitely get yourself on ebay! 

I've seen versions of the shoe-boots everywhere for this A/W. These were only £16 and I have to admit, they are reasonably comfortable! I do worry about the cold toe thing in cooler weather though...maybe that's me showing my age and I should just think about the fashion! 

I've had the backpack for almost 2 years now, although this was the first time I wore it! I am a total backpack convert! How amazingly convenient are?! Hands free is definitely the way to go! I even bought a animal print one as a beach bag for my upcoming holiday, totally in love! I've kept the accessories reasonably simple with just a gold cuff and some majorly over-sized sunnies.

Sorry this is a rushed post, I was just so excited to get my blog up to date after 3 weeks!
Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

Lauren XO

Shirt: ebay (find some here) // Jeans: topshop // Bag: Next (similar here
Shoe-boots: Primark (similar here) // Sunglasses: River Island 
 Cuff: New Look (similar here)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Round up of the Week

For those of you who didn't read my last post, I explained that as I'd had such a busy week outfit wise, I was going to cram them altogether in one post. I've not had the time to shoot proper blog pictures, so I just took a simple profile and side shot. I am shooting for a full size post this weekend, so stay tuned! All the links to the outfits are below :)
Hope you've all had a lovely week

Lauren XO

Flowers and Jewels
Shirt: Zara (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop // Brogues: TKMaxx (similar here)
Satchel: The Leather Satchel Company // Necklace: Primark (similar here)

Day to Night
Staples: Shirt: Primark (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop
Look One: Shoes: M&S // Satchel: Topshop 
Look Two: Shoes: Primark (similar here) Bag: Primark (similar here)

Off the Shoulder
Top: Ebay (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop // Shoes: M&S 
Bag: Primark (similar here)

Sport Stripes
Shirt: Primark (similar here) // Jeans: Topshop // Mules: M&S // Clutch: Primark (can't find any similar, but loads of nice one's here)

Khaki Joggers
Joggers: Primark (similar here) // T-shirt: Mango // Shoes: Primark (similar here
Bag: H&M // Hat: H&M  

Annnnnnd done! Phew, sorry for the rushed post, just wanted to make sure you all had the links to the looks.

See you soon!

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