Saturday, 3 October 2015

Oversized Knits

So it's no secret that I like a good pair of culottes. Nearly every outfit post for the past year has involved a pair. I can't help it! They've probably been around for over 2 years now, but this year I discovered the miracle worker that is, the heel. Oh yes, put me in a pair without heels, and I look like a 12 year old school boy. Not great. But whack a pair of heels (any height works!) and I just can't get enough!

This particular look was for the Puffa event. It had been freezing all day and I had a cold, I needed comfort! After searching through my wardrobe for what seemed like hours, I finally found this orange dream knit. It's three years old (blasphemy!) and I have worn it nearly to the point of destruction. But it's cosy and warm, and paired with my Primark culottes, it actually looked okay!

Oversized, androgyny looks are a massive hit with the street style girls. It's a look which is wearable! The jumper is cropped, but very oversized in width which I think made a good silhouette against the slightly baggy culottes. Add the mules and my MK and I was ready! 

This outfit can be replicated so easily by items of clothes that you already own. One pair of black culottes will see you so many occasions and seasons. If you only want to buy one key piece this season, make it a pair. They will take you through AW with some snazzy anlkle boots, or even worn over over the knee boots (very 70s!).

I have a lot of writing up to do now. Such a busy blogging week! I have also been writing a few articles for some online magazines, which I will publish on here too.

Have a great week!

Lauren x

Jumper: River Island (similar) // Culottes: Primark (similar
 Mules: New Look (similar) // Bag: Michael Kors

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

 Puffa 90s Themed Blogger Event 

As some of you that follow my blog/social media will know, I've not had much time to attend blogger events over the past few months, so imagine my delight when the lovely Katie invited me along to the launch of the Autumn/Winter range of the famous British Brand, Puffa

We've all heard of Puffa jackets, thick padded jackets that remind us all of the 90s? But did you know the Official Puffa brand is actually in the Oxford English Dictionary, it literally has defined a whole category of jackets! Crazy right!? I couldn't wait to see what the new collection had in store, and to see how the jackets that have defined a decade, had been brought up to date with a modern twist.

The event itself was held at the ultra trendy Hip Hop Fish and Chip Shop in the swanky Spinningfields area of Manchester. As soon as we stepped inside, a number of us had spotted the jackets, and we were in love with the amazing silver Puffas! 

I restrained myself and enjoyed the prosecco and strawberries and mingling with other bloggers. It was so brilliant to see everyone after a few months break. We were handed a menu and could chose anything from the delicious food on offer. Northern girls, fashion and a chip shop really did make a match made in heaven! I had the triple cooked chips which were just out of this world, but the spiced crab cakes and the fish also looked and smelt divine!

The jackets themselves were just as expected, amazing. The silver Puffas were definitely a favourite among the bloggers, but I also loved the knee length black version which was just an instant classic. I actually owned an official Puffa back in the 90s (I'm an oldie I know), and it immediately brought back happy memories. It's quite rare in a day and age of fast fashion, and stores which provide 'disposable' fashion, to see the quality and craftsmanship of a jacket that will most likely last a life time. 

As you can imagine, all of the coats were extra warm (many of us tested them by taking them for a spin outside!). They are streamlined and feel amazing on. As I've mentioned, the silver Puffa has to be my favourite out of the new collection. It was a reinvented version of the original Silver jacket that launched Jodie Kidd's career the back in the early nineties. It definitely had echos of it's predecessor, but was slightly less bulky, and had a gorgeous fur trimmed hood.

Another highlight of the night were the two, very popular Instamax cameras. Oh yes, the 90s classic of polaroids! I may have gotten slightly carried away...but you forget how cool it is to have a picture you can hold and not filter and edit - natural baby! 

(me with Holly from Rock on Holly)

A lot of picture taking later and it was time to leave. It was such a great night, and the 90s theme was definitely a massive hit. It was lovely to see a British brand back in the spot light, and a great way to spend a Tuesday evening with friends, food and fashion. 

(Jodi Kidd, the original face of Puffa)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Stay Fit Don't Quit - Get The Label Collab

Hey there lovelies! So today on Fashion Panic, I will be telling you all about my latest collaboration with Get The Label. I've worked with the lovely people at Get The Label before, (some of you will remember my glamping blog post). It's a fantastic website to get your fave high street brands at rock bottom prices. They have so much choice, and there really is something for everyone! This month, they've gone back to their sportswear roots, and launched the #StayFitDontQuit campaign. As it says in the title, it's all about keeping the summer fitness regime going through these colder months, and staying fit and healthy! 

Like most people, the thought of jumpers and coats bring a welcome break of the pressure of bikini season! But when Get The Label contacted me, I thought it was a great chance to have my first healthy and fit AW! They let me choose some amazing gym wear, which obviously helps with the motivation, and gave me a one month pass to a fantastic Yoga class in Manchester. 

So far, so good! I joined the gym in late August, having not been to the gym since I was 17, it was quite a shock to the system...but I've been going 3 times a week ever since, and my new gym gear has made it so much easier! Looking good and feeling comfortable really helps me do my best at the gym. It's also a nice change to hibernating and hiding in jumpers, I actually feel great and can't wait to go after work! I never thought I'd be one to say those words, but the work out endorphins really work!

A massive thank you to Natalie at Get The Label!

Lauren x

Outfit from Get The Label - Trainers: Adidas // Leggings: Adidas // Top: Adidas

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Stripes and Flares

Yes, I look like an extra from the Uptown Funk video, but you know what, I LOVE IT! The seventies trend is in full swing on the High Street, and I embraced it whole heartedly and went all out in my M&S flares and this bordering-on-fancy-dress Asos jumper!

Ok, so I know what you're thinking. Did I actually wear this outfit out, well the truth is, no. This was specifically for my blog, so this is simply for inspiration. But these two mega on trend pieces are perfect additions to your AW15 wardrobe. I actually bought the flares back in February, (they actually sold out super quick) but I have linked a very similar pair below. I normally pair these with a basic t-shirt, and an ultra trendy skinny scarf. I must confess I have to wear them with heels, as sadly they do not flatter my figure with flats.

The jumper, from Asos, came with said super skinny scarf which is detachable. It's a very easy way to get bang on trend. I love mine over a white basic shirt and mom jeans. The jumper itself is a great in-your-face nod to the seventies. It's bright and fun and you can't help but feel happy when you wear it. 

I finished the look with my amazing super sale bargain from asos which was £7. I've linked a similar below.

I hope you enjoyed my ultra seventies look,

See you soon!

Lauren XO

Jumper: Asos // Flares: M&S (similar) // Bag: Asos (similar)

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hello my lovelies! Well I'm well and truly on a blogging roll! I had a wonderful time on Monday shooting three new looks for Fashion Panic. I really have missed it, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed styling outfits. Although working on Catwalk Killa  (50% SALE NOW ON!) is a dream come true, it's also not as glamorous as you might think. The majority of our time is spent working out taxes and balancing our books, so to take time out just for fashion was a delight.

So this outfit is what I would call slightly "man repellent". In fact my husband literally laughed when I came down in these I, on the other hand am well and truly in love. Yes, they take a certain confidence to wear, but I honestly believe they would suit every figure. I also believe that heels do wonderous things for this look, they make the outfit more feminine. I obviously whacked out my beloved muled that have lasted me over a year now and are still on trend (I will link to some similar).

I threw on an off the shoulder top, not the first thing that came to mind with dungarees, but I really love the composition and the bare shoulders under the straps, again it adds a certain femininity which could have been lost in such structured denim!

I have definitely gone for the 70s trend for my first 3 looks as you will soon see, but I just can't help it!

Hope you're all having a lovely week, see you very soon!


Dungarees: Asos // Blouse: Zara (similar) // Mules: M&S (similar)

Friday, 7 August 2015

Seventies September baby!

            So first things first..I'm back! Many apologies for the 6 weeks silence on here. I have tried to keep updating my instagram, but I have just not had time for blog posts! If you follow my blog, you'll know that I've just opened an online boutique ( with my best friend, 10 weeks ago now! It has been crazy busy, but we finally have a routine and we have working hours and spread the time between both of us; ultimately leaving me time to blog, yay!

As I've not had time just yet to take new blog pictures just yet, I thought that for my first blog post back, I'd let you know my September faves. As it took me about 4 hours to whittle down my top picks, I then decided to narrow it down to my fave Seventies inspired pieces. As you may know I'm a massive vintage fan, so it makes me so happy when I can get vintage inspired pieces from High Street stores!

Seventies has been a major inspiration since it was seen all over the AW15 catwalks back in February. I have gradually seen it seeping through to our fave shops, it's literally EVERYWHERE. Below are just a small selection of some of my favourite pieces, I hope to add a few to my wardrobe this September!

It's good to be back, see you VERY soon,

Lauren XO


7) Mules

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Denim Duster

Hello! Ok, so all of my blog posts will now start with an apology! Catwalk Killa is more than a full time's 24 hours a day! Not that I'm complaining, as it's so much fun, but I have just not had time to take blog pictures. However, I am here!

It's a short but sweet post about the new love of my Warehouse denim duster! Where do I begin. Well, it was love at first sight when I saw a fellow blogger rocking it last month. I saved up and luckily got a massive 20% off as it was a student event (my hubby is at uni mwahaha!).

It goes with EVERYTHING. This particular look was for the Jigsaw A/A15 event which was fantastic, although it was such bad light that the pics didn't come out. Luckily, we shot these before the fashion show. This is my favourite part of Manchester. It's just behind the town hall, next to the library. It's just so arty! 

So I wore my duster as a sort of dress for this outfit, but I have big plans for this bad boy, including wearing it as a dress with my gladiators (oh yes!).

I teamed it with my staple £12 F&F heels, New Look Bag and Primark hat. It was very much thrown together, but I'm quite happy with the result :)

Hope you're all well guys, see you soon!


Duster: Warehouse // Shoes: F&F (similar here) // Bag: New Look 
Hat: Primark (similar here)
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